Alan Kitching and Monotype:
Celebrating the Centenary of Five Pioneers of the Poster

Delegates to the symposium will also have a chance to visit the exhibition  Alan Kitching and Monotype: Celebrating the Centenary of Five Pioneers of the Poster, which the School of Communication Design is delighted to be hosting concurrently. The exhibition documents the  collaboration between two typographic forces: Alan Kitching, foremost practitioner in letterpress, typographer and designer and Monotype. The Alan Kitching Collection celebrates the lives of five very influential graphic designers: Tom Eckersley, Abram Games, FHK Henrion, Josef Müller-Brockmann and Paul Rand.
VENUE: FOX 4 BUILDING, WOODLANE CAMPUS, FALMOUTH (same venue as the symposium).  Runs 2nd-27th November 2015.
Alan Kitching
Born in England, Alan Kitching is one of the world's foremost practitioners of letterpress typographic design and printmaking. Early in his career, he was an apprentice compositor before cofounding the experimental printing workshop at Watford College of Technology School of Art in 1964. In 1973, Kitching began his own design practice in London. In 1977 he partnered with Derek Birdsall at Omnific and started letterpress printing there in 1985. He then went on to establish The Typography Workshop in Clerkenwell and began teaching through letterpress at the Royal College of Art (1991–2006). Kitching continues to exhibit and lecture across the globe and is renowned for his use of wood and metal letterforms.
Monotype is a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise that enable the best user experience and ensure brand integrity. Headquartered in Woburn, Mass., Monotype provides customers worldwide with typeface solutions for a broad range of creative applications and consumer devices. The company’s libraries and e-commerce sites are home to many of the most widely used typefaces – including the Helvetica®, Frutiger® and Univers® families – as well as the next generation of type designs. Further information is available at Follow Monotype on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Monotype’s Type Case blog.